Turning Ordinary Smartphones into Extraordinary Mobile Solutions

At iBlades.ai, we’re redefining smartphones—turning ordinary phones into extraordinary mobile solutions. Through our patented, cutting-edge technology we take off-the-shelf or Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) smartphones and transform them into adaptive and secure devices for our customers, partners and their customers—in a variety of environments, industries and special sectors.

We offer a complete line of commercial and government smartphone based mobile solutions, centered on our innovative Smartcase, a next-generation mobile phone case with award-winning technology inside. It’s a snap-on/snap-off universal modular expansion platform that combines Smartcases and solution specific Smartblades® with the cloud through our Smartapp. You can add and remove solutions—better sensors, better radios, superior high-end audio, edge computing, better data collection to improve AI performance, end-to-end security with more battery or storage, and more. These solutions represent a leap in technology allowing our customers and partners to bring to market new handheld solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional handheld solutions.

Our commitment to innovation is one of the bedrock values of our company. And it starts at the top, with Founder and CEO Jorge Fernandes who was also the inventor behind the enabling technology for Apple Pay. As a team, we are continuously innovating to bring the solutions that matter most to our customers to market.

This is what iBlades.ai is all about. Access to a mobile device that provides a breadth of new capabilities to your smartphone – no matter how demanding the environment. When choice really matters, iBlades.ai solutions make it happen.

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